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As per the Global Peace Index, New Zealand is the second peaceful country in the world and it is the friendliest country too. The country has a good ratio of work - life balance and provides quality education.

The education techniques will give a strong employability capacity to the students. Because of the strong problem solving, decision making leadership skills and ‘can-do’ mentality developed in the period of studies, the worldwide employers are welcoming the employees who have a New Zealand certification.

New Zealand offers quality education in affordable rate for international students. There is a strict quality assurance system in New Zealand education by the Government and so the studies will give a global exposure to the students.

The county has eight universities, sixteen institutes and more than five hundred private training centers. The students, living in student visa can work there for 20 hours per week and so can avail the living cost by this.

Top courses to study in New Zealand: New Zealand might not be very big in size, but when it comes to offering academic opportunities to students, it has been consistently throwing its weight. As many as eight universities in New Zealand made it to the 2015 list of top 500 world universities by QS, with the University of Auckland leading the pack at the 82nd position. In addition, the country is also home to 20 institutes of technology and polytechnics, where students can hone their vocational skills. These institutes offer vocational courses across different disciplines at both undergraduate and graduate levels.

So it is only natural that New Zealand features strongly on a student’s mind when he is thinking about pursuing higher education abroad. In fact, many want to know about the top courses to study in New Zealand as every university has some pet subjects that are more in demand and offer better opportunities.

Master of Business Administration:

Master of Business Administration tops the list of courses to study in New Zealand. It is because there aren’t many degrees that can compete with an MBA degree when it comes to giving your career a definitive edge. In fact, if you want to transform your thinking and decision making capability, universities like University of Canterbury are tailor-made for you. Globally ranked 211 in the list of top universities, University of Canterbury has been churning out graduates in the hundreds who have gone on to achieve spectacular success in public and private sectors in New Zealand and across the world. The MBA program by the university is accredited by the London-based Association of MBAs (AMBA), which gives students surety of high teaching standards and access to quality resources. It is not the only one though as others like University of Otago and University of Auckland are also in high demand.

Master of Professional Accounting:

With more and more businesses going global, the responsibility of an accountant has ceased to be merely preparing financial reports and has instead evolved into a much more dynamic and overarching profession that includes the roles like that of a business consultant or advisor. The Master of Professional Accounting degree is a course that helps aspiring accounting professionals to acquire these special skills. The degree is highly valued by students because they are assured of a good salary and ample growth opportunities. Career opportunities include Chartered Accountant, Tax specialist, Business Consultant, and Management Accountant. And New Zealand, with its slew of world-class universities, is a great attraction for international students. Apart from the top billing these universities hold, the cost of pursuing the course is also comparatively low here than many other countries making it one of the top courses to study in New Zealand.


The allure of engineering has refused to fade away and continues to be a favorite among students; one of the reasons being specializations like Software Engineering frequently making to the list of highest paid professions. Today there are many universities across the world offering master’s courses across multiple specializations, but New Zealand with its internationally recognized, state-of-the-art training facilities, and low fees structure is giving all of them a run for their money. The smaller class size is another specialty of engineering courses in the country as it allows stronger student-teacher bonding and better retention of learning. University of Canterbury has even its own Careers, Internships & Employment team that helps you launch your career with the business of your choice –the team helps students identify their core strengths, skills, knowledge and interests which play such a pivotal role in selecting a job. All these factors contribute towards making engineering one of the top courses to study in New Zealand.

PG Diploma in Agricultural Science:

One of the top courses to study in New Zealand, this particular course teaches graduates the finer points of the Agricultural sector along with the changes that are taking place. With agriculture being such an integral part of the country’s economy, it is only apt that the course is well-received by the student community the world over. A diploma holder in the subject plays an important role in such diverse areas like marketing and technology transfer, services industry, and research in addition to contributing to its traditional areas like dairy and sheep farming. Among the universities offering Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science in New Zealand, Lincoln University is one of the best places to earn the diploma, especially because graduate holders are in high demand both in New Zealand and abroad.

Master of Tourism:

An interdisciplinary program, Master of Tourism courses in New Zealand blend high quality teaching with independent research. Offered by institutes like the University of Otago, the major highlights of the master’s program include special emphasis on contemporary and emerging issues in the field of tourism while remaining rooted to its core philosophy. Another reason why it is rated amongst the top courses to study in New Zealand is its fine balance of practical skills and theoretical knowledge. As such students with a master’s degree from top institutes are easily able to develop critical and high-level understanding of the tourism sector as an industry and social phenomenon, which help them in making right and smart career choices.

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